Seaton Tramway

2018 saw the new Seaton Tramway Terminal opened to the public. The project has a number of objectives;Functionally – providing shelter to visitors embarking upon their journey along the River Axe to the historic village rail station of Colton - and then receiving them back.

Culturally – presenting the historic Trams in a showcase environment when closed.

Economically – bringing awareness to the town of Seaton augmenting the presence of this premier attraction for both the town and local area.

Socially – generating employment and providing a new gathering space and public realm environment.

Entertainment – creating a unique setting to stage events where the Trams themselves can become the stage or focus of the “theatre space” when the terminal is transformed into an experiential performance venue.

This project has just received an “Outstanding Achievement” category in Heritage Railway Association annual awards ceremony.

Seaton, UK
Seaton Tramway
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