Fashion Hotel

Dubai has become a multi-cultural show case where east meets west. Inspired by this rich diversity, the Resort will become a must see destination for all who want to live life in style. Located at the heart of the Bawadi district, this 500 bedroom complex puts guests centre stage from the moment they arrive immersing them in the glamorous world of fashion.
Inspired by the movement of fabric, the building’s undulating forms emerge from the landscape revealing the hotel within.  These undulations culminate at the main entrance where the fabric breaks free of the ground to create a sleek tapering tower emulating a model ‘striking a pose’ on the catwalk.

Each visit is unique, staying in the tower or in the spacious suites located adjacent to it. Alternatively, select from the villas individually designed by top fashion designers plus take in the entertainment complex, specialist fashion retail experiences, night club, leisure spa, pools, restaurants, bars and a Fashion Academy complete with perfume gardens and cultural experience.

Dubai, UAE
Pegasus Realty Group
£60 million
Hotel . Middle East